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Rangoli Designs: Free Download Simple and Easy Indian Images of Rangoli Designs

India is a country which has a diverse culture and a lot of events are celebrated during different days of the year. Rangoli is one of them which depict the true love of the Indian culture for the colors. Rangoli is a combination of two Hindi words, i.e. rang (color) and avail (row). So its meaning is the row of colors.

Rangoli is a colorful heritage art and is handed down by the ancestors in India, which shows India’s colorful and rich heritage. Rangoli is a creative and unique artwork done on the entrance or on the house floors by the women and the girls. Rangoli designs are drawn on many occasions like marriages, Diwali, Pongal and, milestones, gatherings, and Onam to welcome the Deity, Lakshmi. Indian festival is incomplete without Rangoli as it cliques the mood for celebration and glows up the home.

About Rangoli Designs

Rangoli designs are made in all the states of the India and are known by the different names in different states, like “Rangvalli” in Maharashtra, “Mandana” in Rajasthan, “Rangoli” in Karnataka, “Alpana” in West Bengal, “Kolam” in Tamil Nadu, “Airplane” in Bihar, ”Ossa” in Orissa, “Chowkpurna” in Madhya Pradesh, “Sathiya” in Gujrat, “Sona Rakhana” in Uttar Pradesh, “Muggu” in Andhra Pradesh, “Kalam” in Kerala and each state has it’s antique and unique way of creating these patterns and designs.



The most important component of Rangoli is Utswdhermita. For this, important symbols are chosen and these symbols are made as they are made by the last generations. Conventionally, every new generation learns the art from their ancestors and thus a family keeps the tradition integral and alive. Many symbols are made with Rangoli and some symbols which are used often in Rangoli are the lotus flower (also its leaves), fish, mango, the vase, and the shapes of the birds and animals: I.e. parrot, swan, peacock, tiger or of some other animals, and also of humans.

Sometimes Rangoli is made on a special event like Diwali and marriage and then other patterns are followed. Some distinct symbols used for Diwali Rangoli are the flowers, Ganesh, Lakshmi; the Diya also named as ‘Deep’ or birds of India. The material used also differs in different states as these designs are made of rice, colored sand, flower petals, turmeric, vermilion, chemical colors(a modern variation), red brick powder and even flowers in case of flower rangoli.

Rangoli Designs Patterns, Images and Photos

Rangoli designs include a lot of patterns and these patterns are made according to the event as on weddings mostly flowers rangoli is made. Rangoli designs are made by the two basic ways and it depends on the material which is used i.e. it is wet or dry. Firstly artist have to choose a symbol and after choosing it, the artist makes the outer boundary of the symbol and it can be made by the chalk or other material and then once the outer boundary is completed, then the inner region is filled with the colors to complete the Rangoli design. A lot of rampant myth is also there in the India about the rangoli as Lord Thirumal is welcomed by the Rangoli design.