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Diwali Rangoli Designs Images and Diwali Special Rangoli Patterns and Photos

Diwali Rangoli Designs Images and Diwali Special Rangoli Patterns and Photos Diwali is one of the biggest festivals which is celebrated in the India. Diwali is a Hindi Sanskrit word which means “a ray of lamps”. On Diwali Hindu people lighten their houses with the lights as their ancestors did. In old days, people lighten the oil lamps and placed them in a row on their houses but with the passage of time as technology develops, oil lamps is replaced with the new technology and now people lighten their house in a more astonishing way. It is believed in India that deity Lakshmi visits every house on Diwali and therefore people decorate their house. On Diwali, to increase the beauty of the house and to welcome Lakshmi, Rangoli plays an important part. Rangoli is a main component of Diwali and without it Diwali just faded. Rangoli is a unique artwork which is mostly made by the women and the girls of the houses on the entrance and âoors of the houses. Rangoli designs are mostly practiced in India on different events and Diwali is one of them. Rangoli is made with the different things for example with the chalk, âour, âowers and with the colors. A lot of patterns or symbols are followed on the Diwali to make rangoli and some of them are rangoli design with âowers, powder, Kolam, chalk, Diya and with a free hand. In different states of the India, different designs are followed on Diwali, as in North Bihar 24-petal lotus âower border and the outer circle is made with the Lakshmi’s footprint which is repeated in four corners. During Diwali, themes mostly made on the âoor are of the lotus, bird, snakes and of other beasts which depicts the unity of humans with the animals

Some of the rangoli designs are the sun, moon and of the other signs of the universe on Diwali. One of the designs is the beautiful âowers rangoli which is made with the petals and with the vibrant colors to give it an alluring look, at the entrance of the house. Another design which can be followed is an eight-point star formed by a geometric pattern and it can be made by the use of mixed colored chalk, rice powder and with the âoral petals. A beautiful design can also be made with the use of powder, chalk, and diya. Diya will be drawn into the center from which the whole design illuminates and gives the rangoli a beautiful touch. Another rangoli can be designed with concentric circles along with the mango theme and with the use of rich shades of colors and outer circle covered with the lamps. In fact, a lot of designs can be followed on Diwali but in all these designs, Diya (lamp) is a keen part. Mostly on the Diwali, rangolis are made with the petals and with the diya and mostly geometric shapes or of Lord Ganesh are followed in different states of the India. Some of the other rangoli design which is usually made are peripheral or the patterns formed with the dots and lines.